Crop Doctor provides solution for various fungal plant diseases especially for Cocoa through its quality products. Crop Doctor deals in both contact and systemic fungicide. The major fungicide Crop Doctor offers are:



SKOPE is applied to control broad spectrum of disease in vegetables including: Rusts, Powdery mildew, Black rot, Scab, Anthracnose, White mould, Peg rot, Early & late blight, Leaf spot, Rice blast, Botrytis. Comes in 100gms packaging.

CONTAINS: 320 g / kg Mancozeb + 50g / kg Azoxystrobin



Supa Star is a ONE STOP SOLUTION. Not Just controls a wide range of fungal & bacterial plant diseases but also increases crop yield by inducing flowering & fruiting and keeps plants healthy

Uses: Applied to control a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases, including: Early & late blight, Leaf spot, Rusts, Powdery mildew, Black rot, Scab, Anthracnose, White mold, Peg rot, Rice blast, Botrytis

Crops: Vegetables, Maize, Rice, Cotton, Cowpea, Groundnuts, Pineapple, Banana & other Fruit crops 

Application Rate: 45ml/15L knapsack(700ml/Ha) for crops and 150ml/15L for soil treatment

Packaging: 1Litre

CONTAINS: Acetic Acid (5 - 10%), Soluble Liquid


Apply Swift prior to the occurrence of the  disease and apply on pods, at 4 weekly intervals depending on the condition of the field

Uses: A preventive fungicide for the control of black pod diseases in cocoa

Crops: Cocoa

Packaging: 75 g

Application Rate: 375 g / Ha (75 g / 15 L  knapsack)

CONTAINS: 70 g / kg Copper Hydroxide