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Learning by Doing: Crop Doctor’s Internal Awareness Creation

After a fun filled and educational competition to test the new Sharp Power 4T Multi-Purpose Motorized Pruner & Slasher in Accra, the Crop Doctor team came to conduct a similar exercise in Kumasi

Be a part of Crop Doctor’s New Product Test!

Interested in some food and fun? Read on. Empowering farmers in Ghana means giving them access to better tools, technologies and ideas on how to produce more using less effort. Crop Doctor will be introducing the SHARP POWER 4T Multi-Purpose Motorized Pruner & Slasher.

Crop Doctor Demonstrates at Premium Launch!!

Crop Doctor demonstrated how to operate its Supersonic Motorized sprayer to farmers at Unicom Commodities Premium Launch at Manso Amenfi on the 7th June, 2019. They were taken through how to sample the equipment, operate it as well as some basic maintenance techniques. Attached pictures